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Thursday, January 14

Dolfin chocolate or how we love in squares

Dolfin is a Belgian chocolate maker that does things a bit differently when it comes to both content and presentation. The presentation is nothing close to Lindt's extravaganza or the pretentious glitter of Godiva. It could be rather seen as a distant, unassuming, yet dignified relative from the countryside. You know, that kind of Province meets Tuscany remote paradise, a reading nook for people with addictions and the balls to keep them out of the closets. Chocolate explorations are for such people who begin to taste life inwardly. You run into a flavor, an inky thought, a seductive flickering image and it all goes straight inside, to the very pit. 

Dolfin will give you that in its blendings -Noir Aux Poires Amandes Grillées, Noir Lavande Fine de Haute-Province or Au Lait Au Thé Vers Sencha du Japon. This would be like sex talk to some of us. It comes in a little portfeuille kind of wrapping that makes one unwilling to share because we all want to keep our wallet full with goodies to the very brim, right? And then, it is dainty and slim -70 g of decadent delight for the simple, yet demanding taste buds. It feels as if they tried to keep low profile for fear greedy hands and mouths would get hold of it. It is kind of like Audrey Hepburn's elegant smartness in chocolate. Imagine the satisfaction of uncovering and then tasting. Gourmands shall get multiple pleasures.

It would go perfectly with the book I am reading these days - The Visiting Privilege by Joy Williams, a domestic realism short-story collection. It is a funny and tragic display of life in its raw and unaccommodating stances. The stories are the opposite of the refined after-taste you should get from the chocolate, yet they match the strong flavor the writing nurtures in its multiple layers. We are damaged and rough around the edges, yet we seek the flawless thread of our potential in every piece of loss and mourning. And as chocolate stands a celebration of our vulnerabilities, so is this polished short story collection that punctures the notable facets of our humanity. To be taken, twice a day, with squares of Belgian blendings. 
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