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Monday, June 8

Wild tales -it's been a while- and Mandel orange rice choc by Vivani

Let's say Roald Dahl, Pedro Almodovar and Quenteen Tarantino decided one day to have coffee together and just for the sake of it, play with things. Being busy and all, they picked out this guy, Damían Szifrón, to be the writer-director of their wickedness and give it to us straight: revenge is a bitch. Or is it a saint in disguise? I guess you have to give Wild Tales a try to decide for yourselves to what great lengths you would go to hit back.

In this portmanteau of wild tales, there are six stories: Pasternak, The Rats, Road to Hell, Bombita, The Bill, and Till Death Do us Part. Each of them depicts various shades of revenge and how people choose to embrace their instincts and frustrations. All characters are crazy, on the brink of losing their minds and simply acting on their madness. What links all stories together is the sense of humor residing at the depth of their charm.

Vengeance has never tasted sweeter and we are given plenty of stances of its driving force. There is rhythm and good story telling, there is humor, bitter as bile on a good day, there is dialogue and there are well-drawn characters. Music fills in the blanks in the story and then, there is this passion residing behind the actions of the characters. All stories are imbued with a fiery rhythm that fluctuates as climax is reached. 

My favorite is by far Till Death Do Us Part. Apart from drawing this interesting picture of revenge, it is totally satisfactory as in always nurturing - at least where I am concerned- this secret desire to trash a wedding reception. All weddings are about making people look and feel perfect to the point of being nauseous. Every detail is carefully considered and it brings both satisfaction and frustration to the bride and groom to see all their expectations turned into reality.  But then, how stupid is it for the groom to invite the workmate he has just screwed to his reception? Turns out that the bride is moody to the point of being wicked and all perfection crumbles to pieces. I might be a weirdo but it instantly brought to mind a Bob Dylan favorite of mine, Beyond here lies nothing. You can go crazy and act like a maniac, hurt and get hurt and when all bad feelings are set free, you go back for more. 

So, whenever the story keeps you involved and amused, you feel like nibbling on good chocolate. Wild tales seemed to resonate with Mandel Orange Rice Choc by Vivani. This organic chocolate is produced at the family business of Ludwig Weinrich with more than a century of experience in producing chocolate. I like them as they are interested in investing in the healthy agricultural practices in the countries where the raw materials come from. Ever since I made my own chocolate for 8 hours, I have come to appreciate the whole process and to understand the importance of quality products used in the making process. 

This particular bar is special since it is made of rice drink powder instead of milk. You have the fruity orange bits and chopped almonds dipped in fine creamy cocoa rice drink mass. And it feels different against you palate and the caramel lingers on till you come to think of it as a second coating to your mouth. After all magic is gone, you are left with a tinge of orange oil on you tongue and of course, that addictive urge to go for more. This Vivani matter needs to be closely looked into because vengeance and chocolate somehow work like magic.

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