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Tuesday, October 14

Greenbird by Shari Herrera

Serendipity works as personal assistant for the Law of Attractions. Or I could also come up with some cute sayings such as two peas in a pod or birds of a feather flock together. My favourite one, though, is Ask and it is given. The truth is I wish I were so lucky with all the people I happen to meet and that only those exceptionally impressive would cross my path. Nevertheless, in the land of both hidden and obvious opportunities, I met a lovely person - a powerful woman, a trendsetter, a generous human being. The bonus to all the above-mentioned is that she shared her chocolate with me -Greenbird by Shari Herrera

When I first met her and happened to find that she owned a cacao farm in Guatemala, I got her to share with me a few things about her love for chocolate and so she told me about the single origin stuff that has turned people into chocolate snobs and the fact that I was unaware of  living in the Renaissance Age of Chocolate. And as I was about to head for the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco, she gave me a few tips on the best places to eat good chocolate. She managed to save the best till the end revealing that she was into chocolate making herself and maybe, maybe, if the stars aligned and I was blessed with good luck, I might taste her bean to bar chocolate. Or even get to see her making it. Well, how could someone like me respond to that? Pointless to start bragging about my obsession with chocolate or the things I would be willing to do in exchange for such privilege. Glad to know Shari has got a good sense of humour.

For one lovely morning, I was given the little marvels that came out of Nicaragua beans, 55% dark chocolate filled with Grand Marnier, truffle and spicy mint. The lovely shapes were just bitter enough to give you a hint of the cacao quality and yet, unexpectedly, not as sweet as the rest of everything else here. The perfect balance was given by the flavours hiding underneath the dark layers of chocolate. In a word, flawless little bites of heaven. Greenbird is very likely to make it big and grow wings to fly if ever Shari runs out of beautiful projects. My chocolate thought patterns vibrated at the sight of Greenbird and I cannot wait to witness the birth of chocolate from the moment the cacao beans are processed to the single origin final product.

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