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Thursday, September 25

Godiva Creme Brulee Dessert Truffles and Crunchy Granola by Lake Champlain

Or how European sophistication meets American taste of home. Or how I have switched from plain to trendy. Or how this new land of mine -for it feels like my own- came to seduce me with its new flavours and dry air. In a word, two very different varieties and the way they have come to beguile my senses.

First, it was the long lost taste of childhood that made me blink my eyes in anticipation. Godiva Creme Brulee Dessert Truffles is all about French sophistication and some culinary classic that I grew up on. My mother's favourite desert became ours and I tend to have this love and hate relationship with Creme Brulee. I love to hate its burnt taste, yet I adore how it contains all shades of caramel, yellow and brown and how its frailty feels empowering. However, under the soft layer of Godiva chocolate, the miracle takes shape before your own eyes and the truffles are nothing but layered happiness: caramel, white chocolate ganache and crunchy toffee crumbles. That kind of seduction that makes you take a bite and look into the shape of your teeth with anticipation and a sense of possession. Well, it is either that or my own dirty mind.

Apparently there is this great guy, Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Thierry Muret, who is responsible for the Ultimate Dessert Truffle Collection and for tricking your mouth into thinking it is the dessert you are actually enjoying and not the chocolate itself. You can only imagine how sophisticated my mouth has become and how hard it is for me to satisfy my sweet tooth. It is exhausting and frustrating not to be able to find comfort in ordinary stuff that people can buy anywhere and everywhere. This makes me so happy that Thierry Muret is imaginative and crafted and that I can actually find Godiva chocolate almost everywhere in these nice fifty states or less. Still I hear that there is nothing like the molton chocolate that they dip strawberries into. Talking about a mouth orgasm there....Oops!

And of course, there is this place called a'Tavola Gourmet Marketplace and Café in Boise that it is like heaven on earth. Someone really passionate about gourmet food did her best -I can feel it is a woman involved here- to populate this cute, cosy place with tastes and flavours unseen and unexpected. It has bakery, espresso, fine cheeses, charcuterie, beer and wine, take-away foods, and more. In addition to their signature salads, soups, and bakery items, the a'Tavola Marketplace has a lot of chocolate. So I try to be very virtuous about it and stay away of all temptations and mirror my figure everywhere as a reminder of the dangers. Most of the times I can do it. I leave the place sad and frustrated but I am able to do so. Yet, every now and then, I succumb to my own limitations and this is how I met Crunchy Granola by Lake Champlain. Dark and crunchy and apparently the most unexpected combination. You know me, conservative and too fond of my own tastes aka Lindt Excellence here to go wild, yet this felt like love at first sight and then it was again love at first taste. It is silky and has these soft little bits of granola just enough to give you an idea about it yet not feel like average breakfast food. It is also a bit spicy and hides a shred of cinnamon. And so far I have totally disliked both dark and cinnamon, so I do not know what to make of it....Is it the dry air or the strange land? Regardless of the answer, I have totally enjoyed my little bar of unpredicted pleasure.  Apparently, Lake Champlain Chocolates has been crafting specialty chocolates in Burlington, Vermont, for 30 years and they are good at it.

In a word, I do not seem to have enough time to elaborate on my little daily passions and discoveries, but I am soo grateful for all the nice people that cross my path and all the lovely places my inspiration or simply fate take me to here in Boise, allegedly America's best kept secret.

Organic Milk Chocolate Granola Bar
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