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Tuesday, July 8

Lindt Tiramisu and Lindt Raspberry

When women ran the world, the palaces would be made of chocolate. (Luis Alberto Urrea, The Hummingbird's Daughter )
I am raising one whose passion for chocolate shall help her run all dreams till the end of time and build another world, if necessary. Lindt Tiramisu might just be the right incentive since women with passions -be that chocolate or any other- are meant to make a difference. Or it could be that any Lindt product is bound to charm the senses and make you wanna grow wings.

Lindt Tiramisu was created for women since only they can honestly appreciate the mixture of strong Espresso coffee, creamy mascarpone, and amaretto-soaked biscuits. I can hardly imagine any man with such a sweet tooth and the subtle taste buds that could value the finesse of chocolate. The outer chocolate is lovely milk chocolate only tempting you to go deeper to the middle layers of joy. It is amazing how they managed to pack so many flavours within a little square that tastes like brandy, coffee, almonds, double cream and yoghurt, all mixed to render the perfect bite. Let me tell you this is no ordinary product, it is more expensive and it has a different size. It comes in a smaller, more elegant package and the chocolate squares are bigger, which is basically the downside of it. It simply vanishes into thin air, leaving you still wondering about the intense experience. Its heavenly taste shall definitely "pull you up" in an Italian language, with a Swiss style, rendering you absolutely divine for a couple of eternally happy moments.

Then, the taste of alcohol grew on me and I got bolder: Lindt Raspberry. The raspberry flavour is encased into small milk squares. Again, an elegant presentation meant to draw you closer and win your heart, Lindt Raspberry is an unexpected experience. One might think the filling to be more like a soft jam rather than a mouthful of alcohol. Things with fillings are not usually my thing since as a rule, the chances you find a second favourite flavour in a small box are fat. Still, a berry-infused experience is always a gain and unlikely to disappoint you. It is also not as sweet as you would anticipate so it is not going to drain your senses into numbness.

Coincidences are by far overrated but if I were to believe in magic outside the pages of books, I would say I have been blessed by the god of chocolate with interesting readings and amazing chocolate tasting opportunities. Nevertheless, I am in for a world painted in soft shades of brown where women could build themselves into chocolate palaces of passion. 

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