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Thursday, March 6

Godiva Milk Chocolate, Droste Holland Pastilles and Lindt Blueberry Intense

Three new flavours that came as a friendly compensation for the rainy days. Nothing lifts your spirit better than great chocolate, a good book and a relaxing movie on a rainy day that lasts for a spring. And if the nice gifts are all new flavours, I get in a good mood all of a sudden. As usual, chocolate is also about the package so simply by taking a quick look at the nice wrappings, I gave room to anticipation- the taste buds alert, as I like to call it.

The Godiva Milk Chocolate bar was a ten-square beauty, silky and milky, just the way I enjoy my chocolate. It smelled of sweet milky and it tasted smooth and soft. The kind of chocolate that only reveals its touching signature in the end, after having peeled off several layers of aroma. And since I condone the responsible eating of chocolate, I made sure I enjoyed at length every square, once again making the Irish really envious of my constant chocolate consumption. Just take a look and you'll know how I felt holding in my hands:

The Dutch Droste Holland Pastilles had more cocoa content than Godiva: 35%, instead of 31%. And it surely tasted like it. This type of chocolate is also creation of years of commitment and passion ever since a certain Gerardus Johannes Droste started a confectionery business in 1863 and has been blessing the Dutch people with the tiny, lovely pastilles ever since. The  'Pastilles Droste', as they are officially called, come in different flavours, with a unique taste and a well-know shape, in lovely packages. I tried the Milk Pastilles for their milky touch and the right amount of Theobroma cocoa- the food of the gods. The Dutch brag about their chocolate consumption -5 kg per year- but they are far behind the Swiss and the Irish, mostly because they are faithful to their Pastilles Droste.

Finally, you know how I prefer milk chocolate as the dark one, much to its healthy benefits, is a bit too rough for my taste. Well, no more; I have tasted one dark bar that simply swept me off my feet: Lindt Blueberry Intense. I believe the secret lies in the perfect combination between blueberries -a bit sour and chewy- and the slivers of almond that are generously scattered within the dark bar. The blueberry scent was so irresistible that I could hardly refrain myself from eating the whole of it. Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark Chocolate apparently got more almonds (6%) than blueberry (2%) in the ingredients with a bit of apple and pineapple. I wish I could say I felt them apple and pineapple but I guess I hadn't tried hard enough.

Once again, I just have to thank my dear friend, Ioana, who travels the world and always saves the best things for me! The sweet and chocolaty ones!

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