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Friday, December 20

Lindt Truffel Eierlikör

The art within food or food turned into art- a controversy that has been inciting the gourmets' minds for a long time. Me- I haven't decided upon gourmet or epicure yet, but, while carefully considering the matter, I never say no to novelty and taste challenges. I am putting a great deal of effort into training my senses and keeping high expectations when it comes to food, in general and chocolate, in particular. To most people, chocolate is simply chocolate; to the fortunate, it is the ultimate desert; to me, it is a passion. And Lindt is the name of my passion.

Food or refined chocolate combinations might be fleeting as they do not last in time like other artistic manifestations, but I would like to point to the fact that the value of art lies in the emotions/sensations it triggers in the beholder or eater, for that matter. The destructive nature of taste itself -one has to alter form in order to appreciate the taste behind the piece of art- does not render it transitory in meaning; apart from the meaning behind a person's offering food to another, overtones of refinement lie in the food. Art, in its simplest definition, is anything made by humans, be it appealing or not, which, to my mind, includes various culinary manifestations that both tempt the eye and spoil the taste buds. And I should obviously add the smelling sense for whenever I unwrap a bar of Lindt, the unique scent simply melts down any form of resistance. Not that I would put up any fight with chocolate or Lindt for that matter. Intelligent people simply pick their battles and indulge into blissful Lindt moments. My latest Lindt discovery is a friendly one by all means. It is the Lindt Truffel Eierlikör Gourmet bar. It is slim, golden, tempting- 100 g of pure happiness. As you might have easily guessed by the sophisticated name, it is Lindt chocolate filled with yellow, creamy eggnog, with a slight, yet powerful, trace of alcohol- enough to add personality to the soft bar.

I simple loved the shape of this chocolate bar as it easily fits my bag, next to my e-reader, making this explosive combination to die for. Reading and watching movies are the best match for chocolate, should you ask me, as chocolate is the best incentive to trigger emotions and challenge the senses.  Lindt Truffel Eierlikör Edition Gourmet is a limited edition for the Lindt lovers- those who appreciate tradition and velvety. Lindt chcolatiers make the best combinations, always pleasantly surprising their most faithful admirers for whom novelty is always a way of blending the love for chocolate and the most unexpected ingredients. This Edition Gourmet also includes Truffel Chocolat and Marc de Champagne, flavours you simply cannot pass. If you ask me, chocolate makes the best gift, so grab your favourite bar and your favourite gal and make it a day to remember!

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