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Monday, November 4

Smash! Chocolate by Nidar

The Norwegian seem to like unusual combinations such as salty crackers or corn cores and sweet chocolate. They even claim Smash! by Nidar is their own invention, unique in the whole world. Not entirely true since the Japanese turned to be as inspired as our Northern friends and invented corn cores covered in matcha -http://movieschocolatebooks.blogspot.ro/2013/06/matcha-sweets-japanase-snack-review.html. So far for originality, but who cares as long as we love the little whale-shaped crackers or the greenish little beanlike snacks? The taste is different and as usual, chocolate is the undeniable queen.

A rather new brand in the business -it started in 1988- Smash! gathered quite a lot of fans around and nowadays, Norwegians consume approximately 250 million pieces of Smash! every year. Which means the little devils are quite addictive and a combination that doesn't feel too fattening or too sweet. Research has shown that the Norwegian and the Finnish share the same interest for salty sweet and especially young people love to chat and eat. Also, several attempts to combine flavours failed and nowadays, there is only one Smash! thing: the salty one, in different shapes. They have come to the conclusion that it is so good that they are not willing to share it with the rest of the world, so Smash! can only be found in Norway.  
Crispy snacks are one way of keeping people busy on certain occasions, not to mention a way of making friends quickly. It was a product that was rather appreciated to the last piece by my kids than by a more refined chocolate eater as myself. However, I am not complaining since it offered me the opportunity to try something unique and strange, at the same time. Food and chocolate in particular require a certain open-mindedness that will definitely reward your leap of faith and take your taste buds to the seventh heaven. Take my word for it!

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