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Monday, November 4

Melkesjokolade by Freia

An unforgettable trip to Norway needs to be celebrated with style, so my first choice is obviously chocolaty. Freia Melkesjokolade is a classy appearance, wrapped in yellowish garment, dedicated to Edvard Munch's work. His 150 anniversary takes place this year so, alongside an exhibition of  250 works from all periods, Freia, a Kraft Foods-owned company, also honours this Modernist pioneer. Thus it is a chocolate with a scent of milk and culture that makes you feel special and part of the history.

It is smooth, not very sweet, containing 30% cocoa solids and smells really nice. It looks and feels like a little schoolgirl ready for the school party, smelling of milk and tasting a bit like almonds. It is a happy chocolate bar that hides a bit of history on the inner side of the wrapping. The owner of Freia asked the famous painter to decorate one of the canteens in his chocolate factory in 1921. Munch painted 12 pictures on the walls of the canteen for female workers -once again, the indestructible connection between women and chocolate, right? Two years later, the frieze paintings were moved, under the painter's supervision, to the Freia Hal, where there are still hanging today, to the very satisfaction of the workers -http://www.munch150.no/
Melkesjokolade by Freia is Norway's most famous chocolate bar, a popular brand that is supposed to give a sense and taste of this interesting country. As I have already mentioned, Freia's success went straight on the Swedish market where because of a conflicting trademark had to change its name into Marabou - http://movieschocolatebooks.blogspot.ro/2013/01/marabou-cea-suedeza.html. It also chose a different logo, that of a stork. Name or no name, it is still about the quality and Melkesjokolade by Freia is definitely a bar to try and enjoy. The girlish little bar did not fail to make my day, A Norwegian one that took me back to the lit streets of Oslo. It may not be a refined Lindt Excellence little marvel yet it will always mirror my Norwegian experience: full, unexpected, mind-blowing.


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