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Sunday, November 3

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate by Cailler

They say form is very important and they are right. Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate by Cailler has a wavy form that immediately grabs your attention. It is part of the Sublim collection launched in 2009 that doesn't fail to live up to your expectations. They say the entire history of the brand is wrapped in a single tablet and they are right again: once you open it, you cannot miss the milky scent. Straight from the heart of the Gruyère uplands, it took a woman's touch to turn an ambitious dream into a fascinating product.

You may not know it but chocolate makers have been sprinkling salt over either black or milk chocolate for some time now. So it is not any novelty, yet it makes an interesting, unexpected combination so nothing too regret about choosing it, especially since I travelled half the world to get it. Effort, as usually, makes victory worth while; Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate is sweet, crunchy, with caramelised pieces of salt (10%). The chocolate is smooth and soft, neither too sweet nor tasteless, perfectly matching the salty pieces of caramel. They say the flavour is more intense due to the quality of the Swiss milk, locally produced and to the two hundred-year tradition in chocolate making. 
Swiss are good at so many things and chocolate is definitely one of them. Cailler is Switzerland's oldest chocolate and although they are nowadays owned by Nestle, if you find yourselves in Broc, you can still visit the old Cailler factory. They make different types of chocolate, among which I have previously tried Cailler cremant, such as Frigor, Femina, Ambassador, and Branches. Behind each of them, there is a fascinating story; for instance, Frigor was inspired by the love story between Noël Cailler and his wife, which inspired the design of the famous red boxes of the 30s. This is another thing I like about this chocolate brand: their commercials and old posters. 

People keep asking me about my passion about chocolate. Apparently, to most of them, it is quite incomprehensible and probably shallow since, instead of talking about important issues or not at all, I jib at endlessly babbling about chocolate. I believe there is no limit to our passions and interests, no deterring from following your dreams. Also, healthy obsessions keep the spirit high and the mind wrapped around beneficial hobbies like responsible chocolate consumption and everything related to chocolate manufacturers, chocolate brands, chocolate combinations and places worth visiting in search of your passion. It is a hard job but someone has to do it!

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