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Sunday, October 27

Polish Plums in Chocolate

I am no drinker, I am no dark chocolate fan, I am not into dried fruit, yet some things simply catch you unprepared in life. Not only am I ashamed by my limited perspective in chocolate combinations, but I am also powerless to the divine, addictive taste of plums in chocolate. Now, what would a sophisticated, biased, pretentious, huge Lindt lover, like myself, would say to a plain box of prunes in dark chocolate? I AM SAD IT IS ALL GONE.

In case this is not enough, let me elaborate a little. This is a popular Polish treat for sliwka lovers that does not instantly melt in your mouth. It simply compels you to chew it to the last bit and then reach for more. The chocolate is not too dark, the prunes are not too sweet; it feels a bit sour and refreshing, at the same time. Addictive to the last of them and anxious to eat more. They are Poland's pride and joy: candied plums in cocoa filling, covered in dessert chocolate. Now, how can you not love this people of crafted chocolate makers? And they aren't just good at coating little dried prunes in chocolate; they also make pastry, candies, chocolate candies, pralines, chocolates, fruit jelly candy, dragees, filled chocolates, cakes, ice cream.

They are hand-packed and as the name -Solidarity- suggests, they are sensitive to needs of alcohol lovers; they are also made with vodka. This traditional Polish sweet called Sliwka Naleczowska w Czekoladzie can also shelter little almonds under the prune and chocolate coating. I know some brave and really crafty girls might adventure to making them themselves, but why bother if the exquisite product is right in front of you? Keep in mind that, as it is often the case, they may contain traces of sesame, wheat protein, peanuts or other nuts. In a word, they are so very tasty and make great gifts for chocolate lovers! Enjoy!

My taste buds are forever thankful to Mr. Jacek Klapkowski!

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