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Thursday, September 12

Weinrichs 1895 Lait 32 % Cocoa

Fine milk chocolate in a cobalt blue, elegant wrapping. 1895 is written in grey and silver and it kind of gets to you: it looks sophisticated so it must be something else. And it is: too much milk and not enough cocoa. Can there be anything as too much milk in milk chocolate? Sometimes. The milk taste lingers long after the piece melted and it leaves you hanging, waiting for another wave of pleasure for your taste buds.

Weinrich's 1895 Lait 32% Cocoa (zazou.ciocolata) Tags: germany chocolatebar milkchocolate weinrich 3034cocoa
It has 32% minimum of cocoa solids, 13% skimmed milk powder and 10% dried cream, which makes it unbelievably milky. It smells like cocoa yet it tastes like milky. Definitely, a bar for milkaholics. Let us take a trip down the history lane to find a few things about this bar. In 1895 Ludwig Weinrich and Paul Drüge set up the “Herforder Biscuit – und Cakesfabrik Weinrich & Drüge” but the latter leaves the business in 1912 so it all goes to the Weinrich family who starts making chocolate after First World War.So they have a pretty long tradition in the field. The same company produces VIVANI Premium Chocolate, a top brand in the area of organic chocolate. Two years ago the company reinvented itself and Weinrichs 1895 Finest Chocolate came on the market in different flavours.
 Weinrich's 1895 Lait 32% Cocoa (zazou.ciocolata) Tags: germany chocolatebar milkchocolate weinrich 3034cocoa

So Weinrichs 1895 Lait 32 % Cocoa  has got tradition and looks, yet I was not surprised. As a matter of fact, German chocolate seem to have the same sweet, milky taste, regardless of the brand. It does not compare to Swiss or Belgian chocolate which is creamier and an opportunity to peel off different layers of taste as it softly melts in your mouth. In brief, I was impressed with the outside but left unsatisfied with the inside. One bar down, more to go!
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