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Sunday, September 8

Merci milk chocolate

This elegant Merci Milk Chocolate took me down the memory lane and made me recall the days of my childhood. Growing up under Ceausescu's regime when all international products were banned as mark of the destructive capitalism, we are left with a relatively narrow range of options when it came to chocolate. So when my father and us, the kids, bumped into an Arab student camped in a dormitory in town -the same place where my father worked as a supervisor- the funny, black as pitch young man invited us for a juice and bought us a box of Merci chocolates from one of the three stores in town selling goods for foreigners. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a ten-year old girl to run her fingers through the curly, thick hair of a black man and eat the incredible small flavoured bars of Merci. Submissive, frightened victims of the totalitarian regime and living under the constant fear of Ceausescu's Securitate, my parents forbade us to share the joy or the chocolate with our friends or classmates and made us keep it all secret. 
Instead of turning this into a bad memory, it is a very pleasant recollection of how my senses- touch and taste- were tickled and how the sweet conspiracy brought me and my brother closer. All these years later, we remind each other of that autumn sunny morning, of how the young man's hair felt like, of his big smile and perfect white teeth, of how we secretly hoped to get home as soon as possible to taste the chocolates. And the flavours -Hazelnut-Creme, Dark Mousse, Hazelnut-Almond & Praline-Creme, Milk Chocolate, Coffee and Cream & Dark Cream- how they delighted our senses and made us the happiest kids alive. 

Now, all these years later, I have discovered the Merci Milk Chocolate bar which is actually a small posh box of four individual chocolate bars. This 100g chocolate bar contains 32% cocoa and 23,5% powder milk and it tastes more like butter. It melts quickly in your mouth with a silky smooth and the dominant flavors are powdered milk, caramelised sugar and a light note of cocoa. Its sweetness made me think of Cadbury chocolate and its smell of vanilla is intoxicating. My tooth for chocolate does not mean I am less picky when it comes to rating chocolate. Yet I did not feel disappointed at all by this creamy chocolate bar. It is affordable and it makes a great lovely gift in different tastes: hazelnut, dark, coffee or caramel. 
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