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Sunday, September 1

Lindt- Hauchdunne Tafelchen Vollmilch

Another Lindt product, another alluring blue little box, meant to draw your eye and perfectly fit in your handbag. As if responsible health conscious women were carrying chocolate in their purses....Always, I tell you, always carry, above all, a good book, an excellent bar of chocolate and enough money to buy yourself a movie ticket in your purse. Always dress like a million dollars and always feel like a million bucks!

Again, the smell hits you once you open the box and then the sight of the little thin bars is hard to resist. In the beginning, you pick one because you want to savour it in your mouth and you want the feeling to linger forever. But the melt is all over too quickly so you get greedy and stuff two or three pieces at a time. Ladylike, off course.....Once it is safe in your mouth, you are ready to share your smile with the world. The 30% cacao taste is not that strong so you can also appreciate the soft, milky texture. If you focus enough on the pleasure of having the little bar confiscate your senses, you can actually trace a taste of almonds. Or is it just my mind playing tricks on me? Anyway, the flavour is not surprising, yet it is delicious and there is a certain aftertaste that stays with you.

I also tried the bar but it lacks the softness of the little chocolates, though it has the same ingredients. I kept taking another bite in the hope that something exquisite would reveal. Nope. So I stick to the little box. Lindt- Hauchdunne Tafelchen Vollmilch is a tasty milk chocolate. The main problem for me with these chocolates was the short duration of time that each block lasted in the mouth. So I wanted more and more....The sound of softness is something my ears are trained to hear no matter what. Lindt- Hauchdunne Tafelchen Vollmilch is not my Extra Creamy favourite but it has real potential and it is definitely worth trying. Too sweet to pass, peeps!
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