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Friday, August 16

Maître Truffout -Choco Cups and Orange Chocolate Sticks

Some packages look really attractive and irresistible and you immediately reach out for them as if drawn by a dark force. It is also the case of Choco Cups by Maître Truffout, some little chocolate baskets (36% dark chocolate) filled with a layer of nougat (64%).

These very cute chocolate cups are filled with a creamy chocolate mouse layer and a nougat layer. They are very soft and  immediately melt in your mouth, making the hazelnut puree taste linger for some time. It is not an extraordinary product, it is not something you will desperately try to buy again, yet these chocolate cups are not a disappointing choice. They are also available with cherry flavour, if you appreciate the sweet-sour aroma.

This is the second product I have tried. It has again a friendly package that lures you into buying. The sticks are made of milk chocolate and contain orange oil. So if you hope they will be crunchy or containing bits of orange, think again. They have a strong orange taste (0,7%) and there is also a flavour of vanilla. The milk chocolate has 25% cocoa solids and it feels refreshing.
Maître Truffout also makes Mint Chocolate Sticks and Coffee Sticks and a variety of other interesting products such as pretzels covered in chocolate, truffles, Belgian seashells- though they are all made in Gunz, Austria- assorted chocolates or other pralines. They all look appealing and make great gifts for refined friends! Give them a try!