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Sunday, June 16

Matcha sweets- A Japanase snack review

It's been a long wait but it was worthed and now my Japanese treats are here to stay. Not for long, though, as I am going to devour them as soon as I am done with this post. So, dear chocofriends, it feels like Christmas for the second time already this year and I am so excited to be tasting some of Japan's most famous Matcha sweets.

First, we have Alfort Green Tea (Matcha) Chocolate Biscuit. Wrapped in green, these are small and delicious chocolate biscuits by Bourbon, a famous brand in Japan. Bourbon is a company founded in 1924 under the name Kitanihon Seika that produces confectioneries. It is made of matcha chocolate and it is topped by a soft, crunchy biscuit. The green chocolate is sweet and less than chocolaty. Though, it is cool and refreshing, the strong smell of matcha might be a pot-off to the sensitive nostrils.


Then, I tried Cacao Plus Matcha Maccha Green Tea Japanese snack- some round green, bitter balls with a chocolate filling. Again, they are to my liking as they are not very sweet and the chocolate flavour just lingers on. All Japanese sweets are based on Matcha as it contains caffeine naturally and is naturally gluten-free, not to mention that the organic Matcha fields are high up in the mountains, so it is healthy and delicious. Crunky popjoy are little chocolate candies filled with matcha crunchy pops. They are bit-sized chocolates with crunchy rice and matcha powder. In a word, chocolate outside and a crunchy inside that pops with joy. Moving on to Galbo Mini - Japanese Chocolate Snack, only 262 calories a packet, so how cool is that? The inside  is chocolaty, like a crunchy cocoa flavoured cookie, covered in green matcha candy. I liked the cocoa cookie crunch as it was somehow satisfying and the combination is just great. If you just ignore the pill-like aspect and risk it, you won't feel disappointed a bit.  

The ones I liked the least are the Matcha Corn Choco- bean-like candies with a crunchy corn inside. They are probably the Japanese's alternative for sweet popcorn at the movies but they are simply a combination that I don't really appreciate. I like my popcorn salty and my chocolate -Matcha chocolate, as it is the case- sweet.  But, if you are health conscious then drink Matcha tea and eat Matcha snacks; actually, you can indulge yourself in the Matcha sweets, ignoring calories and not always thinking about the healthy right thing to do.

As usual, the handsome, travelling man in my life arranged for this Japanese snacks to be delivered straight from Tokyo, so this post goes right from my heart to his!

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