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Friday, June 21

Chocolate, in some favourite recipes of mine

I read twice a day, I watch movies every day, I talk endlessly, I write almost daily, I walk at least an hour a day, I love twenty-four hours a day, I fight occasionally, I snuggle in the morning and at bedtime, I meet friends often and I bake at weekends. Chocolate is the glue that keeps them all together. Not only in my lovely Lindt bars, but also in my favourite, sweet recipes, some of which are too good to pass. You know, it all makes perfect sense as I read the recipes, I bake the cake and I eat it while watching movies.

1. French Chocolate Brownies- If you like chocolate brownies then you'll simply adore the French version. This is a delicious flour-free variety that will leave you longing for more,…and more,…and more! Easy to make, lovely texture, insatiably savoury. I usually have them with vanilla ice-cream and wild berries sauce. It's a really decadent desert that I would have while watching, say, Out of Africa. This is the easiest, illustrated way to learn how to bake them: ttp://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-french-chocolate-brownie

2. Jamie Oliver's Chocolatey Tiramisu- I haven't yet met a single human being not liking tiramisu. It is simply irresistible, a combination of soft mascarpone cheese, dark quality chocolate, coffee and alcohol. And the secret lies in mixing everything with your hands, pouring the secret ingredient in every step of the recipe: your love for chocolate, obviously. It is cool and not fattening at all, with a light texture and the recipe can be improved by adding strawberries or other berries, according to your preferences and the season. This is Jamie Oliver showing you how to create
3. Oreo Crust Cheese Cake- There is something about cheesecakes that is so addictive and intoxicating. I just love cheese, any flavour, any colour, any shape, any origin, any way of eating. And I think it makes the best choice when it comes to deserts, as it is the best combination with chocolate and fruit. This recipe has a special crust, made of Oreo biscuits and butter, covered with mascarpone cheese and sprinkled with raspberry and chocolate sauce. It is divine and never to be forgotten. Just follow your instincts: http://myjerusalemkitchen.wordpress.com/tag/oreo-crust-cheese-cake/

4. Chocolate Soufflé. These soufflés look so good in their tiny ramekins, just too good to be true and almost too shy to touch them. It is so inviting for little girls to give a hand and hopefully, be of real help in mixing the chocolate and butter, the eggs and sugar, and the flour. A piece of cake and the result is some lovely pieces of cakes, crunchy on the outside and runny in the inside. They go best with cream, but I also had them with vanilla ice-cream, so I'll just let you be judge of it, right? Take a peek: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/4351/chocolate-souffls

5. Homemade chocolate- This was the best alternative to the milk chocolate we didn't have while growing up, a kind of national recipe in my childhood years. I had it a lot in the past but as I became infatuated with Lindt, I simply forgot about it, till one day, I simply discovered the recipe on the pack of the most famous Romanian powder milk- Raraul. Obviously, I improved the original recipe by adding almond flakes in it and it just made it so rich and exquisite. I couldn't stop eating and it brought back such lovely memories of my mum and childhood friends. Excellent: http://www.in-familie.ro/ciocolata-de-casa/

Ciocolata de casa

6. Homemade eclairs- once again, a blast from the past. Eclairs so remind me of my childhood years when I helped my mother bake the choux buns, which was the most difficult part and you had to have a very flexible wrist to be able to use the piping bag. It was a bit harder at first but I managed to bake the best choux buns ever. Then we filled them with vanilla custard and covered them with chocolate icing. They were simply splendid and we always had them on special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or Easter. Here, on one of the best food sites: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/355610/homemade-eclairs-

Homemade eclairs
7. Pear and chocolate cake- this is unexpectedly yummy. You wouldn't believe how great pears are in cakes and the mixture of chocolate, pears and mascarpone cheese -again- is exquisite. As you have probably noticed, I love simple recipes that don't take much time and which are easy to bake. This is a low-fat recipe that will simply make your taste buds go wild, because the pear chunks get soft and you can fill the mascarpone flavour and the chocolate taste. In a word, to die for : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7m7Uep1YW4

As you can see, I think in chocolate and simply love to eat it, no matter what; every now and then, I put Lindt bars aside and just bake chocolatey deserts because there is no sweeter desert than CHOCOLATE!
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