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Saturday, May 25

MACARONS are to die for

Satisfaction of senses is a much desired state of mind, difficult to reach and short-lived. I should know, as I am difficult to please when it comes to deserts and most of the times, chocolate is the ultimate lure. But tonight of all nights, I have met my match: MACARONS. Pink, beige, green and yellow, soft, round, light, airy, intoxicating Macarons, meant to enchant my senses and to enthral my heart.

I don't know about you, but when I fall for something, I like to find out as much as possible about my object of interest. So, these delicious, sweet, colourful Macarons, whose name is derived from the Italian name for meringue, are the French round, smooth confections with a moist middle. They come in all flavours from the more traditional ones, such as chocolate or raspberry, to foie gras or matcha fillings. The discs are made of almond meringue and they can be filled with jam, ganache or buttercream. Either way, they are just too good to pass. People find them so addictive that, in France, they have dedicated them a museum in the city of Montmorillon, where the Maison Rannou-Métivier, the oldest macaron bakery in town, dating back to 1920, is located.

My Macarons are not French by origin, but exquisite by taste. My friend, Linda, the best macaron confectioner in town, is simply gifted at making the right, soft meringue with strawberry, chocolate, green apple and lemon filling. If my mouth, my eyes, my nose and my heart were deeply satisfied, then she is to blame. This delicate French confectionery is one of the most sophisticated things I have ever tasted and one of the most eclectic deserts to ever try. It is not only about the flavours or the taste, it is the symphony of sensations that fill you palate and dazzle your taste buds.

Miracles do happen and tonight, I betrayed my loyalty to Lindt chocolate and indulged myself in the sweet charms of Macarons. And, since all good things come in small, but expensive packages, let me tell you that these lovely confections are dear but worth every penny. My word of advice to you all: Don't be cheap or moderate, be bold and step out of line! MACARONS are to die for!

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