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Saturday, May 4

Lindt Frohne Ostern

Swiss chocolate is the best, say experts. Lindt&Sprungli is, by far, the most exquisite of Swiss chocolate, if you ask me. Easter is one day away and though there are some shameless prices for chocolate these days, it just breaks my heart not to spoil myself rotten. Bunny's treat, off course.

The beauty above is a 212 g box, filled with Easter eggs in three flavours: hazelnut, nougat and milk. I got instantly drawn to the pretty spring colours, even though I am perfectly aware that the wrapping makes more than half of the price. Well, I don't need to be cheap, though....it's Easter, after all. So, back to the lovely 12 g eggs who smell and taste just great, underneath the coloured foil. They contain 30 % cocoa and 44 % filling and are soooo addictive. Once you've opened the little box, you're doomed!  
The assorted little eggs are nice and thick and taste deliciously cream,y but you know me, I am a big fan of Lindt's milk chocolate so I feel totally biased when it comes to this brand. I'll keep this review short, and since it's time for Easter treats, I wish you to indulge yourselves in guilty pleasures, without once thinking about the number of calories or crazy diets. Enjoy the Lindt Frohne Ostern experience and have yourselves a Happy, Chocolaty Easter!

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