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Sunday, May 5

Ces amours-là/ What War May Bring

Ces amours-là is a film that celebrates Claude Lelouch's 50th year as a filmmaker, an homage the director paid to the magic of cinema, a movie that illustrates his genuine gaiety in film-making. This 43rd movie is a pastiche of Claude Lelouch's former creations, an emotional display of the music that always played a significant role in his movies, the love he managed to capture in all his pictures and some of mankind's most dramatic moments.

Love is the recurring theme of many of Claude Lelouch's movies and Ces amours-là is no exception. Love binds the destinies of men and women, regardless of times and the absurdity of Second World War, crossing the social and moral boundaries. It is a mixture of feelings and emotions, a movie about love and war and about the director's dreams and demons. Ilva Lemoine (Audrey Dana) is a woman who gives her heart away too easily, so she has to suffer the dire consequences of her choices. Falling in love with a German officer almost gets her publicly humiliated but she is saved at the last minute by two good-hearted American soldiers, Jim and Bob. Their honest menage-a-trois ends up badly since Jim shoots Bob to be with her and eventually, consumed with guilt, gets her to shoot him. Ilva stands trial for her husband's death and her exceptional lawyer/pianist gets her free and makes her his wife.
Described as "an overview film" by Lelouch himself, Ces amours-là is inspired by the director's own experiences and passions. Love comes under many forms and men and women stay true to their feelings even though sometimes we are destined to fall in love with the wrong people. I like the idea that we live one life, learning how to love and in the following one, we avoid the previous mistakes and do right by our loved ones. The movie is also asking the viewer some important questions related to the creative freedom and the choices we make that can either save our lives or roundly condemn our souls. Ilva's trials and tribulations sometimes seem opportunistic but she is honest in her choices and actions, suggesting that her love goes deeper than meets the eye.

 Ces amours-là may not be the best war drama ever, not even the best romance that made your heart beat faster, but it is rather a movie centred on the director himself as the main character, focused on his interests and fears. It is personal and honest and it sums up Claude Lelouch's love for music, life as it is and the cinema, as the most accomplished form of art to render his emotions and passion.

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