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Friday, April 12

Rausch Noumea Premium Milk Chocolate

Rausch Privat-Confiserie is a house of enthusiastic chocolate makers who have been producing exquisite chocolate since 1918. It is a family business run by maitre chocolatiers committed to making the world a happier place; thus, these people set up Rausch SchokoLand with a chocolate museum, a chocolate cafe and an open production where you can watch chocolate being made. I keep wondering how it must feel to be in the chocolate business and to have all those you love by your side, making millions of chocolovers, out there, happy. I don't know for sure how they feel but I can tell you that Rausch Noumea Premium Milk Chocolate is a good reason for them to be proud.
It has a lovely package, reminding of the Rausch’s plantation range, developed in 2000 to highlight eight different cocoa producing regions, and has a 35 % cocoa content from Papua New Guinea. It isn't very smooth and doesn't melt instantly as you might expect, and it is a bit too sweet for my taste. However, the sweetness does not overlap the milk flavour so you can definitely feel it is a milk chocolate you're eating. The best thing about it is that it is all natural, made of cane sugar and the cocoa used for this chocolate bar is from the Nouméa plantation and has an exotic fruity taste.

Rausch Privat-Confiserie is one of Germany’s premier chocolatiers able to produce exquisite milk and dark chocolates from these special cocoa beams and it is always a pleasure to taste fine chocolate made of the best ingredients, in a family business, with the greatest care. This chocolate bar can definitely give you satisfaction and a sense of noblesse. So, thumbs up for Rausch Noumea Premium Milk Chocolate!