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Tuesday, April 23

Quality Street Matchmakers Cool Mint

Quality Street Matchmakers Cool Mint are crispy, minty chocolate sticks that will sparkle your family night while watching TV or spending time together. They are so alluring that you get instantly intoxicated with the penetrating mint smell, coming from the unopened box.



Quality Street Matchmakers Cool Mint are a chocolate confectionery product made by Nesle, first launched in 1968 by Rowntree's, which made the addictive sticks in either mint, coffee or orange flavour. But the brand got a new name and design in 2003, when Nestlé changed the names of the flavours to Cool Mint and Zingy Orange, adding Brilliant Blackcurrant and Sizzling Strawberry flavours, with a tricky slogan - 'The manic munch that packs a punch'. Recently, the name has been rebranded as 'Quality Street Matchmakers' since Quality Street also being a Nestle brand.

The box is square and eye-catching green and hides a small plastic tray underneath that gives off this strong mint scent, making you so anxious to try the goodies inside. The chocolate sticks have skimmed chocolate, dark chocolate and boiled sugar pieces that make them so deliciously crunchy. The chocolate is quite smooth and sweet enough to turn Quality Street Matchmakers Cool Mint into the perfect snack. Mint and dark chocolate are a dreamy combination, free of artificial flavours or preservatives, ideal for nibbling with friends. 
This is the purple version of the two Quality Street Matchmakers flavours -mint and orange- that rather makes me think of Cadbury than the Nestle products. Regardless of the colour, this is a snack that you should definitely try, if given the chance. My greenish gratitude goes to my generous friend, Ioana, who brought me a bit of the Liverpool sweetness!

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