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Monday, April 8

Galaxy Smooth Milk

The great thing about this blog, where chocolate is concerned, is that I never feel bad about eating it, as I am always willing to taste chocolate for a good cause. Plus, it is so hard for me to let down all these nice friends of mine who overwhelm me with their sweet chocolaty gifts. My latest discovery is Galaxy Smooth Milk, 100% English, creamy and delicious. As it has been the case lately, this bar, too, travelled a long way to end up in my secret stash of goodies.

The packaging design is in a simple style and the bar itself is wrapped in golden foil; the smooth milk chunks have an asymmetrical cross section and a very sweet taste. It is a lot sweeter than Swiss chocolate and it contains milk solids 14% minimum and cocoa solids 25% minimum; the rest is probably a mixture of sugar and vanilla. It weighs 114 g, which is neither the usual 100 g bar of chocolate, nor the more generous 150 g Lindt type. I have this theory about sweet chocolate: it is either meant to knock you unconscious or give you the buzz you need to start a lazy Monday morning. Take your pick!
Anyway, I just love their motto: Why have cotton when you can have silk? It kinda makes me feel silky inside out, though cotton is not such a bad thing; it is the Mars brand for sophisticated people, who take their time tasting this smooth milky bar. Galaxy comes in different flavours as well, though nothing too far-fetched or out of the ordinary, it is its simplicity that they seem to explore and familiarise the chocolover with.
So, without any guilt feelings choking me to death and sticking to the milk flavour, I kindly recommend you to try and indulge yourselves in the smoothness of this generous Galaxy bar! Thank you, my dear English friends, for being so thoughtful and generous!