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Tuesday, October 13

Saw the movie, ate the chocolate, got a few thoughts to share

Another rainy day....I got to watch the movie yesterday and I congratulated myself on my instincts. Totally loved it. "I had a farm in Africa..."Gotta love this line, right? Especially in Meryl Streep's Danish accent. What I loved about the movie was the storytelling. I love stories. I was really impressed by the way the love story - Out of Africa -between Karen and Denys was described. She was part of the farm, the house, the books and he was always going somewhere, connecting to the people, a part of the African landscape. Somewhere in the middle, they met and fell in love. The continenet and the music -Mozart- were also awesome. And I liked her, the way she tried to keep her passions to herself and to be reasonable about her feelings. She failed as she wanted to tie Denys to herself but he was as untamed as the African beasts. Some experiences can only be captured for a couple of instances, in your heart, but they enrich your soul in unexpected ways.
I hope there are rainy days somewhere else in the world and you get to stay in, watch a good movie, eat some fine Swiss chocolate and why not, tell me all about it.
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