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Wednesday, October 21


Though M. keeps me really busy these days, I managed to watch a special movie. Amal, directed by Richie Mehta, is an amazing story about the richness of a poor life versus the poverty of a rich man. Set in Delhi, India, it depicts the hardships of a rickshaw driver who finds it in his heart to think more about the others than about himself. It can also be seen as a story about He and She though that is not the core element of the picture. It made me think of Slumdog Millionaire where love seems to be the vector of the main character's actions. Amal lacks the glamour and the spectacular of a Hollywood story but this brings more depth to its authenticity. However, both movies are about fate, which turns out to be either benevolent or cruel, actually, rather indifferent. Jamal Malik is a survivor who rises above his own doomed existence whereas Amal is a hero, a good-hearted and genuine character.The thing they have in common is the lack of any mercantile ambitions- one wants to be rich to be close to the woman he loves and make her dreams come true, the other needs no money to reach the heart of Pooja as his honesty and altruism are more than enough.
I was rather surprised to find out that the movie got no special awards- except for the Genie Award for directing- as compared to the Slumdog Millionaire. It is a sensitive, compassionate story that managed to enrich my soul and I gather I was, once again, inspired in choosing the movie.

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